A small number of rooms has been reserved until September 29 at the Harnack Haus for 107.13 / 162.90€ per night (incl. tax, incl. breakfast) for single/double occupancy. Please note that currently only suites comprising a separate bedroom and living room are available, where the latter can be used as an additional bedroom. If you are comfortable sharing a bathroom, this makes each suite suitable for two participants.

To book your room, please contact the Harnack Haus directly under info [at] harnackhaus-berlin [dot] mpg [dot] de and quote the special reservation code 3799.


Alternatively, Berlin offers beds in around 800 hotels that you are free to explore. Below are some suggestions primarily based on location (around Kufürstendamm which is considered the centre of Berlin West with good public transport connections to the workshop venue). Please use your favourite booking site explore more options and book your hotel.